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The grain is an important piece of Minnesota's environmental and cultural heritage cheap nike air jordans.

An Ojibwe migration story tells of a cultural and spiritual tie to natural wild rice cheap nike air jordan shoes. Tribal prophets foretold that migration from the east would continue until people found food that grows on water. Known in Ojibwe as manoomin, wild rice is still revered in the culture.

But natural wild rice, which reseeds itself each year and grows optimally in moving water a half foot to 3 feet deep, has declined throughout the state. Its threats include water quality, water levels, lake bed conditions, damming and channeling of waterways, nike air jordan cheap water recreation, shore land development and industrial activities, according to a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources study.

This year, Great River Greening teamed with Wilderness Inquiry, cheap nike air jordans free shipping which strives to introduce urban youth to the outdoors, and invited help from students at Takoda Prep, where more than 80 percent of the students identify themselves as Native American.

The school's secondary education director, Chris Hubbard, nike air jordans cheap said the opportunity for students to get out where the rice once grew was a learning experience on many levels.

"Students are losing their sense of culture," Hubbard said. Doing something seen as cheap nike air jordan positive such as rice seeding can help them identify with how well their ancestors treated and honored the earth, he said.