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Wilderness Inquiry trip leader Cyri Tjaden emphasized how rice air jordan shoes for sale harvesting in August was a community gathering in American Indian communities. They harvested the grasslike wild rice plants the same way it is harvested today: air jordan on sale using poles with fork-like endings to push the canoes gently through the stalks, and using sticks to bend the top of the rice plants over to collect seeds. Harvest is a "significant spiritual and cultural thing," she said.

Wiley Buck, a restoration ecologist with Great River Greening, air jordan sale told the group that the rice plant population "was still really high in the '50s and '60s." Now, efforts to restore it seem to be working; seed spread last year had grown.

"We're getting smarter about what it needs," he said.

Woodard was one of just a couple air jordan shoes for sale online students who traded her shoes — flip-flops — for tall rubber boots that Wilderness Inquiry provided.

Working with wild rice wasn't difficult, the students learned, air jordan for sale but it was sometimes dirty.

"Ah! Ah! Noon!" lamented one girl with pure white Jordan sneakers, now partly black with dirt. "I'm done," she said as she crawled back into the canoe.

As they paddled to the river's mucky edges, air jordan shoes sale they took clumps of musty-smelling seed in their latex-gloved hands and tried to fling it far and wide in quiet spots along the river's edges. A flock of Canada geese flew over air jordans for sale, honking loudly as it rearranged a disorganized V.

Woodard, emboldened by the rubber boots, jumped out of her canoe on one bank, air jordans for sale cheap eager to help. Almost falling as she sank deep into muck, she caught herself with her arm, turning the cuff of her lime green sweatshirt black. She laughed.

"I'll wash it," she said later, shrugging. "It's good to see the forest for once instead of being in the city all the time."